Filippos Tourlomousis

PostDoc Associate
The Center for Bits and Atoms, MIT

Welcome To My Page

Hi! I'm Filippos and currently I'm a PostDoc Associate at MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms, home of the 1000 Fab Labs around the world and sister lab of the Media Lab.

I am a participating to the famous How to Make (almost) Anything and the Machines that Make Machines class taught by Prof. Neil Gershenfeld from CBA and the Fluid Mechanics class by Prof. John Bush from the Dpt. of Mathematics at MIT!
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I am also part of CBA's team working on a recently awarded NIST grant that aims to make Materials Measurement Machines, Modeling and Design accessible to the Masses in collaboration with the Argonne National Laboratories and the Materiome Project in Chile!

How to Make (almost) Anything

Course My Projects

How to Make Something that Makes (almost) Anything

Course My Projects

Fluid Mechanics

Course My Project

My Research Interests

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Research Interests

Rapid Prototyping of Machines, Electrohydrodynamics, Complex Fluids, Electrowriting, Biometrology.


  • [Electrohydrodynamics] [Electrowriting] [Biometrology]:
    2018 - Tourlomousis F. et al. "Machine Learning Metrology of Cell Confinement in Melt Electrowritten Three-Dimensional Biomaterial Substrates" (submitted to Nature Microsystems & Nanoengineering)
  • [Biometrology]
    2018 - Tourlomousis F. et al. "Investigation of Cellular Confinement in Three-Dimensional Microscale Fibrous Substrates: Fabrication and Metrology", Journal of Micro and Nano-Manufacturing, 2(6), (doi: 10.1115/1.4038803)
  • [Bioprinting] [Biometrology]
    2017 - Ding H., Tourlomousis F. et al. "Bioprinting Multidimensional Constructs: A Quantitative Approach to Understanding Printed Cell Density and Redistribution Phenomena", Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express, 3(3). (doi link)
  • [Machine Building] [Electrowriting] [Electrohydrodynamics]
    2017 - Tourlomousis F. et al. "Melt Electrospinning Writing Process Guided by a “Printability Number”, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering, 139(8) (doi: 10.1115/1.4036348)
  • [Multiphysics Modeling]
    2015 - Tourlomousis F. and Chang R. "Numerical Investigation of Dynamic Microorgan Devices as Drug Screening Platforms: Part I: Macroscale Modeling Approach & Validation", Biotechnology & Bioengineering, 113:612-622. (doi:10.1002/bit.25822)


  • Dilhan Kalyon, Highly Filled Materials Institute
  • Paul Dalton, University of Wurzburg

My Machines

Mainly unconventional machines that harness exciting physics, process and measure the properties of complex fluids!

Morphological Wonderland for the Masses
from micro- to nano-fibers, droplets and stem cells...

Melt Electrowriting

Rapid Prototyping of an Electrohydrodynamics-based Additive Manufacturing System

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on-going work| img updated 2018/08/28

Fiber Shower

Rapid Prototyping of a Multi-nozzle Electrospinning System

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on-going work| img updated 2018/05/27

Materials Measurement for the Masses
accelerating materials discovery

The Rheoprinter

online metrology & learning of optimum printability conditions

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on-going work| img updated 2018/05/27

The Rheology Cube

high-throughput micro-rheometry

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starting now

Fun Stuff
search algorithms, guitars etc.

AI Sudoku

making AI agents that can solve every Sudoku

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on-going work| img updated 2018/05/27

The CBA Caster

bad-ass diy electric guitar

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on-going work| img updated 2018/05/27


Music, books, tutorials...

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